Canadian Bronze Artists

bronze art work example for local Canadian artistsCanadian bronze artists can only be called such after they have learned all the techniques of working with this material. It is highly skilled work and requires the artist to be meticulous, attentive to detail and patient.


Brett Davis is a master Canadian bronze artist of international renown who can claim over thirty years of experience in bronze sculpture.


Local artists like Brett Davis are the very foundation of the art community that builds and expands our culture. By being immersed in their respective fields, artists are able to inspire young and upcoming amateurs through their unique style and method of representation. Of course, it isn't just aspiring artists that are affected by these master artists. From art museums to galleries and even public parks, art is within the grasp of virtually anyone, promoting creativity and emotion.

  • Architectural sculptures are designed to match the very atmosphere of a building or an indoor space. These bronze sculptures will act as a centrepiece while not being obtrusive to the entire area. If a space has been previously designed with a specific motif in mind, the same theme can be conveyed and amplified by the right bronze sculpture.
  • Landscape sculptures are specifically created to enhance the look of a garden or park, merging nature with artistic visions. These art pieces add another level of class to the area, inspiring thought, reflection and invoking emotion for all those who visit. The entire feel of the area is enhanced, adding value to the entire property.
customized bronze art for specific clientsSince both architectural and landscape bronze sculptures should be site-specific, it is best to hire an artist who understands this and can work inclusive to a patron’s culture and your vision. This is why finding a talented local artist, such as Brett Davis, is a significant endeavour. If you wish to purchase or commission an art piece that you'll have no regrets about, you must select the absolute best – someone who has proven their ability over the years, standing out and apart from Canadian bronze artists.

To learn more about Canadian bronze artists and Brett Davis' extensive experience in the field of bronze art, please visit his website at  You'll able to see photographs of his previous works of art and understand his vision and talent first-hand. You may also find it relevant to check up on his latest creations and exhibition schedules so that you can see the majestic works of art in person.